NAD T758 and T748V2 Surround Sound Receivers

NAD have announced two new surround receivers to their line-up - the T758 and T748V2. Both receivers continue their 'music first' design philosophy, drawing on 40 years of music performance to deliver no-compromise sound in stereo or multi-channel modes.


NAD T758 The T758 replaces the T757V2 in June, and offers sonic improvements thanks to design enhancements to the signal path and selected components. The Modular Design Construction of the T758 makes it virtually future-proof as key modules can be updated as technology changes. Download the T758 datasheet >> The recommended retail price of the T758 is $1,699.
T758 rear view Click to view full size


Available now, the T748V2 replaces the T748, and adds a second zone pre-out as well as audio quality enhancements. Download the T748V2 data sheet >> The recommended retail price of the T748V2 is $899.