New Sonos Move, Sonos One SL & Sonos Port

sonos move one sl and port Sonos have released three new products, including at long last a portable speaker with Bluetooth & rechargeable battery called Sonos Move. Let's check them out!

Sonos Move

sonos move New Sonos Move is what many Sonos fans have been waiting for - a go-anywhere speaker that delivers Sonos sound quality in all environments, outdoors and in. It uses a unique downward-firing tweeter channeled through a waveguide to provide a wide soundstage and crisp high frequencies no matter your location. And TruePlay sound tuning analyses the surroundings and adapts within seconds to ensure perfect sound is pumped out no matter the acoustics or background noise. Sonos Move is designed to work just as well indoors as outdoors, so it comes with a nifty charging cradle and works on WiFi at home, then you can switch to Bluetooth and get 10 hours out of the battery when you're on the go. Other key features of Sonos Move include IP56 ruggedness - it's drop-proof and weather-resistant, and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant. The recommended retail price of Sonos Move is $649. More info >  

Sonos Port

sonos port New Sonos Port connects to your existing audio system, allowing you to stream music from anywhere, so you can enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, and internet radio with simple control via the Sonos app or Apple Airplay. You can also connect an existing component like a turntable or CD player to stream music from your main system to other Sonos speakers throughout your home. Sonos Port replaces Sonos Connect, and features an upgraded D/A converter, 2 x ethernet ports and a 12V trigger to power on connected amplifiers automatically. sonos port rear view The recommended retail price of Sonos Port is $649. More info >  

Sonos One SL

sonos one sl Sonos One SL replaces Sonos's longtime hero model Play:1, and is essentially a Sonos One (the newer model that sounds even better than Play:1) but without the voice control. For many people, voice control is unwanted and some people are concerned about privacy issues with a speaker that's 'listening' for voice commands. If that's you, get the great Sonos One sound without the microphone and save $30! Sonos One SL is available in Black or White. The recommended retail price of Sonos One SL is $269. More info >