Price rises from January 1

Because of the drop in the Aussie dollar, a number of our suppliers have advised us that their recommended retail prices are increasing from January 1, 2015. In most cases it is a 10% rise. This means that now is the time to buy these brands! Sonos in particular, because you get a year of free music with a premium Deezer subscription worth $140 when you buy selected products before Dec 31! More on that here >> Below are the brands that we know are increasing by 10% from Jan 1:   Sonos Wireless Hi Fi System     Nad_Logo   Denon_logo   marantz   loewe_logo   AKG_Logo   niles-logo   boston-logo   mk-sound-logo For detailed pricing information on these or any other brands, please contact us on (07) 3552 7000.