Rdio music streaming now available down under

Rdio AustraliaRdio, the US-based music streaming service from the makers of Skype, is now available down under! We've been looking forward to this. There are over 12 million songs on demand, and great ways of finding out about new music through recommendations, social sharing and more. Rdio works on:
  • Mac & PC via the web app ($8.90 / month)
  • iPad ($12.90 / month for this and all below)
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Roku
  • Sonos
There's a free trial available for 7 days so jump on your platform of choice and grab the app to get started. Note: Apple users be aware that it will cost $20.99 a month if you subscribe to the service via the app itself. Go to the Rdio site and subscribe there, it will only cost $12.90. Why? This is from the Rdio FAQ page:
Rdio only costs $20.99/month in Australia if you subscribe via Apple’s in-app subscription service that’s built into the Rdio app on your iOS device. If you go to www.rdio.com in your web browser, you'll be able to subscribe there for the original $12.90/month—this price difference is due to Apple’s tax and policy of taking a 30% cut of subscriptions that happen through their service.
Our review We've been playing with Rdio for a week now and are pretty impressed. Virtually everything we've wanted to hear has been there, and we've been surprised at stuff we've found that we never knew existed. Remixes and previously-unheard of tracks from favourite artists have been great to discover in particular. What we'd like to see is some better ways of 'just playing music' without having to think about it. Some of our fave internet radio apps (like Radio Paradise and SomaFM) just play music, non-stop, and a lot of the time that's what we want. Rdio offers 'Artist Radio' that plays music similar to a particular artist, but we found that quite repetitive and often heard seemingly random tracks. Rdio's social sharing promises to offer something more though, by connecting users to others with similar tastes, sharing playlists and recommendations via Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM. Sound quality is good - if perhaps lacking a little sparkle. Rdio don't state their bit rate but many users believe it's around 256kbps. It's all in MP3 format. To find out more, visit www.rdio.com or the Rdio Australia blog. To learn how to add Rdio to your Sonos system, click here. Are you listening to Rdio or another streaming service? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page!