The amazing 'Record Revirginizer' record cleaner

Record RevirginizerEvery now and again we see a product that just blows us away. The Record Revirginizer is one of them! In our industry, there are no shortage of 'snake oil salesmen' and miracle products that revolutionise something or other. But this record cleaner really works a treat. If you're a vinyl fan, you'll be all to familiar with the pops and crackles that sit in the background of many of your favourite albums. The Record Revirginizer does an amazing job of removing them.

How does it work?

Record Revirginizer cleans your recordsThe liquid is poured on to the record, spread around, and left to dry for several hours. Then, it peels right off and takes with it all the microscopic junk that was in the record grooves. It can't get rid of scratches, but all your pops and crackles will just disappear. One 500ml bottle can treat around 16 LPs. Find out more at the Record Revirginizer website, including audio comparisons of 'before and after'. Record Revirginizer has an RRP of $49.95.