Rega Naiad - 40 Years In The Making

The Rega Naiad turntable is the culmination of 40 years of Rega turntable philosophy taken to the extreme as a no-expense-spared project. After years of anticipation just 40 Naiad have been produced, with each unit representing a year of Rega's history with a matching serial number ranging from 1973-2012.

There is only one Rega Naiad coming to Australia, making it a truly one of a kind piece in this country. This unit is personally signed by Roy Gandy and its maker.

The retail price of the Rega Naiad in Australia is $60,000 and the release date is June, 2020.

About the Naiad

The Naiad has a unique design using the best of modern materials and manufacturing processes. It's plinth is constructed from hand crafted carbon-fibre to achieve the ultimate in lightweight high-rigidity structure, strengthened further with double ceramic braces.

rega naiad in Australia

Mass is again kept to a minimum by using a titanium skeletal vertical bearing housing for the tonearm assembly. Naiad features a world first in hub bearing design with a spindle and bearing housing manufactured from Zirconia.

You can expect the ultimate power supply housed in Rega’s reference range casework which will offer user adjustable speed control with a digital display.

rega naiad tonearm

Each turntable will be supplied with a piece of music called ‘Naiad’, one of Roy Gandy’s favourite piano pieces, which will be recorded by Rega. This unique pressing will include a test tone that will work alongside the power supply to ensure perfect speed is achieved.


There's just one Naiad coming to Australia. If you want to own a piece of hi fi history, contact us today.

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