New REL 212/SE high end subwoofer

REL 212/SE subwooofer The new REL 212/SE is the company's most powerful subwoofer yet, with 1000w driving two 12" 'Continuous Cast Alloy Bass Engines' and two passive radiators. It promises to be extremely fast and agile, with a number of operating modes allowing it to integrate seamlessly with any room and any system.

1000w of power

The REL 212/SE’s power amplifier is a powerful NextGen3 1,000W (1,700 peak) digital amplifier. This design allows each driver to output over 110 dB with ease - power enough to drive very large rooms to very high outputs.

Twin Continuous Cast Alloy Bass Engines

These twin actives are responsible for 212/SE’s incredible speed and tactility. REL's Continuous Cast Alloy Cones reduce moving mass while maintaining rigidity, producing far more speed and precision than prior designs. These twin long-stroke 12″ bass engines, partnered with two matching 12″ passives provide the speed quality of a REL with a power never felt before. This combination offers the driven surface area of twin 17” drivers in a cabinet just 45cm wide.

Dual Passive Radiators

The 212/SE uses two matching Continuous Cast Alloy passives that are stiff, lightweight and incredibly well behaved. As more power and deeper bass is demanded, the passives come to life, gradually expanding the capabilities of the active engines. The down firing passive produces deep, floor-crawling bass that makes a room shudder. Mounted above the amplifier panel on the rear is the second passive. This unit produces wrap around “atmospheric” bass that adds air and shimmer to the sound.

The Recommended Retail Price for the 212/SE is $6,499

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