Ruark R5 arrives

ruark R5 Based on the design and features of the range-topping R7, the R5 is a more compact version of the flagship with no compromise in performance or features. The R5 uses a high capacity linear power supply with 90w Class A-B amplifiers and active electronics and equalisation to precisely control the loudspeaker units. R5’s enclosure has been tuned to provide optimal conditions for the drive units and electronics. Furthermore, the stereo speakers have been engineered to provide a beautifully natural frequency response by means of a powerful neodymium magnet system and lightweight cone assembly. Finally, the active subwoofer provides effortless extended bass for lifelike aural drama. ruark r5 internals The R5 is available in either a Rich Walnut Veneer or a Soft Grey Lacquer finish, and is the perfect 'all-in-one' system for music and design enthusiasts alike.

Designed for life

The R5 is also multi-room ready unit and can be wirelessly linked with the MRx, R2 or R7 to provide beautiful sound all around your home. Perfect on its own, with a TV or with a turntable, the R5 is a complete home entertainment system and embodies Ruark's rich heritage. With all the latest technology in a system that is timeless and built to last, the R5 has no equal.

Connection Heaven

Whether you want to wirelessly stream or want to connect a turntable or TV, R5 has it covered. For direct streaming, R5’s aptX HD Bluetooth receiver provides above CD quality from compatible devices and with a broadband connection you’ll have access to internet radio stations worldwide and an infinite library of music through services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal. Moreover, with both analogue and digital inputs it’s also easy to connect and enjoy other devices. In particular R5 makes a great sound system for TVs. Get more info & read Ruark R5 reviews here > The recommended retail price for the Ruark R5 is $1,999.