Music discovery for humans, by humans

Hype Machine If you're a fan of streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify and MOG (like we are!), you'll know that the algorithms they use to serve up your music are not perfect. Worse, the music can start to get repetitive and you end up hearing 'more of the same'...

Enter Hype Machine

Hype Machine is different. Instead of an algorithm (an automated formula that takes in dozens of factors) to choose your music, it monitors hundreds of music blogs around the world to discover what music is being talked about, played and loved - it's a short-cut into the cutting edge of music, whatever genre you're into.

How does Hype Machine work?

Simple. The clever people at Hype Machine ( take a feed from over 800 hand-selected music blogs that feature MP3 links or embedded audio content. On your desktop, tablet, phone or Sonos system you can discover new music in any number of ways, such as:
  • Latest: What's going on right now in the blogosphere.
  • Popular: The most popular artists, searches and blogs on the internet right now.
  • Twitter: Interactive music chart of songs being posted on Twitter.
  • Spy: Snoop on what other people are listening to on our site.
  • Album Premieres: Weekly premieres of unreleased albums
  • Music Blog Directory: The complete list of blogs we track, organized by genre and geography
  • Labs: Fresh from the lab: new things we are trying out
  • Zeitgeist: The best 50 artists, albums and songs of the past year.
  • Your feed and favorites: A customizable view of your favorite tracks, artists, blogs and users.

How do I get going?

You can visit to listen on your desktop, or download the iPhone app here >> (An Android app is in the works, register on their site to be notified when it's available). There's also a Blackberry app available here >>

What about Sonos?

If' you're a Sonos user, the great news is that the Hype Machine Sonos app is now available. To enable it, go to: Preferences > Services > The Hype Machine Once you're up and running, you can browse for music, listen to your heart's content, and subscribe to your favourites to create a customised music feed tailored just for you.

Happy listening!!