Sonos Playbase brings your TV to life

Sonos Playbase Sonos have once again created a product that sounds much better than it looks like it should. Playbase is a flat, discreet speaker system that sits under your TV, but cranks out a depth and volume of sound that belies its size. Ten drivers - 6 mids, 3 tweeters and one woofer connected to a clever s-tube to deliver deep bass - ensure perfect clarity across the full audio spectrum. It's what's inside that counts, and this video lifts the lid to show you what makes this thing sound so good:

Key Playbase features:

Ten Amplifiers, Ten Speakers 10 class-D digital amps power 10 speakers - 6 mids, 3 tweeters and one woofer for total clarity of music and speech Speech Enhancement & Night Sound Mode Bring dialogue to the fore, and make sure your late-night viewing doesn't wake the house with dynamic range compression Sonos App Control Have full control over all your streaming music sources and Sonos devices with the Sonos App on iOS and Android TruePlay Room Tuning Tune your Playbase to your room's acoustics for perfect sound quality Simple Connection & Setup Wifi connectivity, optical digital input for TV connection, guided setup process with no instruction manual required  

Sonos Playbase Price

Playbase has a recommended retail price of $999. Contact us today on (07) 3552 7000 for more information. sonos playbase in a room