Sonos SUB - new wireless subwoofer

Sonos SUBClever wireless hi-fi makers Sonos have done it again with their new Sonos SUB. As with their other gear, it fits in easily to any room environment, is a no brainer to set up & use, and sounds damn good too. Using two class-D digital amplifiers driving two speakers aligned face to face, the Sonos SUB is compact (and pretty funky too with its 'square doughnut' shape) but still packs a punch with bass extension down to 25 Hz. The SUB works with all Sonos amplified components including CONNECT:AMP / ZP120 / ZP100; PLAY:5 / ZonePlayer S:5; PLAY:3. It does not work with the non-amplified Sonos CONNECT / ZP90 / ZP80. It can be placed upright or laid flat (even under a couch) for discreet placement anywhere. While it connects wirelessly to the main Sonos system (and has a one-button set-up), it does still need mains power. To find out more about the Sonos SUB, visit the Sonos site here. Come in to hear the Sonos SUB for yourself in our Fortitude Valley store – we’re Brisbane’s leading Sonos dealer.

Sonos SUB price and release date:

The SUB is available now at an RRP of $999.

Sonos SUB Reviews:

The Sonos SUB has been getting some great reviews around the world's press and blogosphere. Here are some highlights: Engadget “From our experience, the Sub is one of the better subwoofers in the field, wireless or otherwise” MacWorld 4.5 mice. “the Sub delivers plenty of pop” and “the Play:3s sound quite respectable on their own, but when you add the Sub, you’ve really got something.” Gizmodo “This is no gimmick: The sound improvement is real, and easily tuned to your level of liking.” “Sonos is badass.” Pocket-lint “This is Sonos returning to its roots and delivering a music device that is all about sound”. SUB is named Hot Product. Techcrunch “All told, this is an impressive piece of hardware.” “the difference in sound reproduction with and without the Sub is quite striking.” Gear Diary “the SUB is an impressive addition to any existing Sonos system” “the Sonos SUB is pretty damn awesome, and I want one!” Plugged-in “…a truly brilliant piece of audio engineering that will transform turn your living room into a super club.” Sound and Vision “the Sub does one hell of a job and looks great doing it.” “It’s a very, very welcome and necessary addition to the Sonos line.”,0 The article features a fantastic review of the SUB, with a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. “Pair two Play:3s together and you get good stereo sound. But add the Sub and you get a remarkable, wireless 2.1 sound system with significantly deeper, richer bass”. T3 “A truly brilliant piece of audio engineering that will transform your living room into a super club”. Electronic House “After spending a couple of days playing a wide range of music with the new Sonos Sub, count me a believer.” Smart House “At SmartHouse we see a lot of products and every so often products come along that leaves us saying “Wow, now that is cool”. This happened yesterday when we got to play with the new Sonos Sub Woofer.”   Come in to hear the Sonos SUB for yourself in our Fortitude Valley store - we're Brisbane's leading Sonos dealer.