Sonus Faber Lilium: Where Art & Technology Meet

Sonus Faber Lilium Italian loudspeaker specialists Sonus Faber have launched an all-new floorstanding speaker - Lilium, once again cementing their place at the junction of art and technology. Coming in at $89,999 a pair, Lilium sits near the top of the Sonus Faber tree, and follow a similar design aesthetic to their larger siblings Aida. They are a stunningly beautiful thing to look at, let alone to listen to. "It might be the most beautiful-looking large loudspeaker ever created" Doug Schneider - Soundstage HiFi

Lilium Technology

"LYRA SHAPE" DESIGN "Lyra shape" design, progressive thickness triple curvature cabinet walls damped spread resonance spectrum system, Sub-structural ribs are strategically placed for total rejection of spurious vibrations and standing wave control. INFRA WOOFER Sonus Faber designed a 260 mm infra woofer, using lightweight composite sandwich cone technology for maximum rigidity. It is implemented in an acoustically amorphous passive radiator tuned separated enclosure for maximum performance. CROSSOVER Non-resonant design, optimised amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. "Paracross topology". The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear and flexible amplifier performance. TWEETER Sonus Faber "Arrow Point" Damped Apex Dome, a synthesis of the classic dome and ring transducer. A Sonus Faber-designed 28 mm moving coil driver, with vibration optimised mechanical interface. MIDRANGE A Sonus Faber-designed 180 mm neodymium magnet system with ultra linearity midrange. CCAW wire is used on a composite former "eddy current free" voice coil. SUBWOOFER A triplet of Sonus Faber 180 mm lightweight "sandwich" cone structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp) woofers are integrated in an acoustically amorphous "stealth reflex" chamber. Sonus Faber Lillium Sonus Faber Lilium To find out more about Sonus Faber's new Lilium loudspeaker, Sonus Faber catalog, call us on (07) 3552 7000 or visit the Sonus Faber site >>