Spotify Connect fills your home with music

Spotify Connect for Yamaha Spotify, the world's biggest music streaming service with over 20 million tracks, has launched Spotify Connect, a new way of sharing your music across all your devices. With Spotify Connect you can seamlessly play music from your phone, tablet or any compatible music system in your home without missing a beat or draining your phone's battery. Yamaha is the first A/V brand to offer Spotify Connect capability in Australia. A firmware update for their premium A/V Receivers is all that's required to enable the feature. To get the firmware, just go to your relevant product page on the Yamaha website. The Yamaha models supporting Spotify Connect are: AVENTAGE Series:
  • CX-A5000
  • RX-A3030
  • RX-A2030
  • RX-A1030
  • RX-A830
  • RX-A730
RX-V series AV receivers:
  • RX-V3075
  • RX-V2075
  • RX-V1075
  • RX-V775
  • RX-V675
To use Spotify Connect, you'll need to download the Spotify app for smartphone, tablet or laptop and have an active Spotify Premium account. If you own a compatible Yamaha AV receiver and would like to try a Spotify Premium account, there is a free 30 day trial available. For more details, visit Denon have also announced Spotify Connect support, we'll provide details on compatible models as soon as we have that info.