Spotify HiFi Is Coming

Spotify listeners have long awaited a lossless audio feature, and now it appears it is coming - and potentially very soon!

Spotify announced Spotify HiFi back in February 2021, but with no release date other than 'some time in 2021'. Then in August, a leaked onboarding video (see below), suggests that the streaming giant is about to awaken the new feature. 



Now here we are in October and still no release... but it could be any day now.

What is Spotify HiFi?

Spotify HiFi delivers CD-quality sound through the use of lossless codecs. At present their streaming maxes out at 320kbps, which is fine for casual listening but those of us with quality audio systems want to get as much out of them as possible - hence the excitement!

When is it coming to Australia?

That part isn't clear. Spotify have said it's launching in 'select markets' in 2021. Are we one of them? We might find out in mere days. Previously their staged rollouts have focused on the US and Europe first of all however.

How do I listen to it?

You'll need to upgrade from Spotify Premium to Spotify HiFi - and the cost of this is not yet clear. Then you'll be able to listen to Spotify HiFi on your streaming device and your Spotify Connect enabled devices, although many of these may require an update to enable the new service.

It's also likely that only some of the 70 million tracks on Spotify will be in lossless format at time of launch, although they'd no doubt focus on the most popular material to begin with.

Watch this space

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