The Top 10 Apps for Holiday Fun

Hopefully you've got some time on your hands over the next few weeks! We've compiled a list of apps to help you while away some lazy holiday hours...and if you've got your own favourites, let us know on our Facebook page!

1) Tiny Wings

Just voted #1 game app of 2011 on the iTunes store, it's a gorgeously designed, ingeniously simple game that appeals to all ages. $0.99 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad    

2) Grand Theft Auto III

A near-perfect version of the classic console game for iOS. Not for the littlies though! $2.99 - iPhone, iPad    

3) Jetpack Joyride

From the makers of Fruit Ninja, an addictive flying game that the whole family will enjoy. Free - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad    

4) Apparatus

A fantastic, challenging, creative puzzle app for Android where you have to build machines to move marbles to the goal $2.77 - Android    

5) Temple Run

A great game for older kids, who'll pretend they're Indiana Jones with this free game Free - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad    

6) Infinity Blade II

Another one for older teens or young ninjas - unbelievable graphics and great gameplay. Multi award winner $7.49 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad    

7) Words With Friends

It's been around a little while but since Alec Baldwin got chucked off a plane rather than stop playing, we had to play it again! $0.99 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Words With Friends FREE - Android    

8 ) Doodle God

How to describe a game like this? Create your own world, build civilisations, become a god! $0.99 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad |  $2.84 - Android (Free version also available) |  $3.49 Windows Phone    

9) Tozzle

One for the littlies! Great for 3-5 year olds, Tozzle is a simple but clever drag-n-drop puzzle game. $1.99 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad    

10) Pocket Weather AU

Time to stop playing games and go outside (if it's stopped raining!!) This is our fave weather app. $1.99 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad