Our Top 5 Home Entertainment Apps

Apps for home entertainmentGot an iPhone, iPad or Android phone? You'll love these apps for music and video in your home.
  1. Remote – Apple’s app for controlling iTunes and Airplay
  2. Sonos Controller – Pure musical love for owners of Sonos gear (click here for the Android version)
  3. VLC Streamer – stream video to iPhone or iPad; copy video to your iDevice (view Android alternatives here)
  4. Boxee for iPad – Compile and view online video from your friends’ social sharing
  5. AV Player HD – plays any video format in HD on iPad
There are a few others that didn't quite make the cut - the Denon Remote app (Android version) is great if you have one of the company's '11 or '12 series receivers; Crestron Mobile G is great for home automation if you have Crestron in your home (an alternative Android app is here); and of course there's plenty of internet radio apps out there too. Of these, our favourites are:
  1. TuneIn Radio - Over 50,000 stations including local AM / FM stations (Android version)
  2. Radio Paradise - A single station that has a great, varied mix better than any broadcast station we know -and no ads! (Android widget here)
  3. SomaFM - 20 channels of indy rock, pop, dance and downtempo beats broadcast from San Francisco (unofficial Android version here)
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