The top 10 audio systems for iPhone

Now that the iPhone 4S has landed, we thought we should do a  wrap-up of the best systems out there for getting top quality audio happening in your home. So, in no particular order, here is our list of ten awesome ways to turn your iPhone into a hi-fi powerhouse!

1 - Apple TV and Airport Express

Apple TVIf you have an existing audio system that you're happy with, one of these little wonders could be just the thing you need. They'll join your wi-fi network then you can stream audio wirelessly to your stereo via the Apple TV's HDMI output or the optical digital or stereo analogue out on the Airport Express. Of course, Apple TV also has excellent video capabilities too! Best of all they only cost $129. More info available on the Apple website.

2 - Sonos

Sonos Play:3 and Play:5Sonos are an audio company that make gear that, like Apple products themselves, are beautifully designed and work without any fuss and bother. Oh, and they sound fabulous too. You can get a Sonos wireless hi-fi system to fill your entire house with sound, or go for the new Sonos Play:3 or Play:5 system to easily and affordably (from just $419) add sound one room at a time. Find out more about Sonos Play:3.

3 - Denon AVR Receivers

Denon Receiver with AirplayMost of Denon's current AVR receiver range supports Apple's Airplay system so they are the perfect match for an iPhone. Stream your music wirelessly to the receiver, access internet radio directly, play music from your computer or a network drive...the choices are endless. There are also charging docks available to keep your phone charged up while your tunes play. Denon receivers start at $499.

4 - RuarkAudio R2 / R4

Vita Audio R4 DAB+ SystemThese stylish numbers are a very classy way of enjoying your music without having a huge audio setup. Vita Audio are a division of Ruark, the renowned UK speaker company, so the pedigree is excellent. Both these models offer iPod/iPhone docks, DAB+ digital radio, FM tuner and aux inputs, while the R4 also has a CD player. Priced from $650. More info on the Ruark Audio systems here > 5 - Tivoli Audio Tivoli Audio iPalTivoli make a range of classically designed and gloriously simple radios and audio systems that hark back to the good old days of tuning dials and woodgrain finishes. A few of their systems are designed for iPod and iPhone - the iPal (RRP $329) and iYiYi ($699) in particular. If you like your audio systems uncluttered and compact, check out a Tivoli Audio system here.

6 - Bose SoundDock

Bose SoundDockBose are world famous for their innovative approach to sound, with a long history of creating products that sound good without dominating a room with huge speakers and A/V components. The SoundDock range (from $449 to $999) continues that tradition with stylish and great sounding models, including one that is portable with rechargable Li-ion batteries.

7 - Loewe MediaCenter

Loewe MediacenterGerman company Loewe are one of the world's oldest and most respected television brands, but recently they have been branching out into A/V systems. The MediaCenter is a revelation - an all-in-one music and video source that plays virtually everything, and looks stunning too. It's a perfect match with iPhone and iPod and can stream your music throughout your home too.

8 - Denon DN-7

Denon DN-7 SystemThis is one of our favourite compact hi-fi systems for iPhone and iPod. Denon have always made mini hi-fis that don't skimp on sound and this is no exception. With iPhone/iPod dock, internet radio, network audio capability, CD, AM/FM and 65W x 2 power output, it has it all. The RRP for the DN-7 is $999.

9 - Yamaha MCR-040

Yamaha MCR-040Why should all hi fi systems be black or silver? That's what Yamaha was thinking when they came up with the MCR-040 micro hi-fi system. These little beauties are available in 12 different colours and feature iPod / iPhone dock, DAB+ Digital Radio, CD player and Aux input so will play virtually anything! RRP is $499, click the link above for a special price!

10 - Yamaha Receivers

Yamaha receiver with iPhoneYamaha's receiver range has also been designed with iPhone and iPod in mind. Their free A/V controller App gives you control over your system from anywhere in the home for easy and seamless multi-room operation. The USB input on most models plays music with digital clarity while charging the iPhone or iPod. Yamaha receivers start at $499 RRP.