The stunning new Van Den Hul 3T cable range

Van Den Hul 3T CablesVan Den Hul, the high end Dutch cable makers, have released a new range called 3T - True Transmission Technology. What's unique about these cables is the new material used for the conductors - an amorphous metal and non-metal alloy with ideal properties of:
  • no oxidation
  • no metal fatigue
  • stable at extremely high as well as low temperatures
  • no electroplating chemicals involved
  • very flexible
  • extremely long life-span
In Van Den Hul's words:
This is our latest innovation which will change the audio cable world as we know it for sure! The cables based on this technique allow a new awareness of extremely high quality signal transmission and excellent sound quality. With all the knowledge we acquired over the years we now come up with an amorphous alloy of metals and non-metals that together make a conductor with stunning properties. A dream has come true. The high quality of 3T is immediately recognized as being something special. This concept is accepted all over the world despite all the differences in equipment, listening and certainly music style. We wish you many happy listening years to come and, please, enjoy and relax with some of our 3T products, probably the best (audio) conductor available today!
The 3T range currently includes coaxial interconnects from $399  / pair RRP, balanced from $499 / pair RRP and speaker cables from $2,499 / 2m pair RRP. Later the range will extend to digital cables and more...stay tuned!