What a night!

It was very much an international celebration of Italian speakers, American amplifiers and even French birthdays (Joel’s 69th to be exact) at Living Sound as we showcased an amazing range of products from Sonus faber and McIntosh. IMG_5717 The turnout was bigger than expected, and it was obvious that everyone had a great time over the course the many hours the event ran for, with audio demonstrations of the Olympica I bookshelf speakers (powered by the McIntosh C275 tube amp above), the Olympica III’s (with the much praised MXA8000), AND If the rumours are true (…and they are :-) I understand a few people stayed back ‘til about 2am listing to some classic vinyl on the Il Cremonese – powered by the 600w Mac Mono blocks! IMG_5737 Many thanks go out to the crew at Synergy (Phil, Pete, and everyone else who supports us so well) for helping organise a night full of energy and fun. With the great success of this night, not to mention our previous Isotek (power conditioning) night, it’s quite clear that there is many an audiophile and music lover alike living for the musical life in Brisbane, and the team at Living Sound is honoured to be here to satisfy your Hi-Fi needs. IMG_5748 Be sure to check back here and our Facebook page regularly for details of our next exciting event. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss an invitation! IMG_5745