Yamaha MusicCast takes on Sonos

Yamaha MusicCast Yamaha has entered the world of wireless hi fi with MusicCast, their own take on the booming market that Sonos and a few other smaller players have dominated for so long. We're massive fans of Sonos, as are hundreds of our happy Sonos customers. So what makes MusicCast worth considering as an alternative? What we like about MusicCast is the diversity of products that it's available in, from lifestyle audio to hi-fi components, sound bars and active speakers so it truly integrates into a whole-home system without compromise. There are 23 different products with MusicCast capability already announced and plenty more to come. It also integrates in other ways - for example you can stream the audio from other sources like your turntable throughout your home, or send music to any Bluetooth audio player. We've got a full MusicCast demonstration display in our showroom so you can come in and try it for yourself.

MusicCast Controller App

yamaha musiccast app With MusicCast you can play music via streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, internet radio, NAS drives or your Mac or PC. It's all controlled by the MusicCast app, available on the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. The app is great looking and intuitive to use, and you can add your own images to show the different rooms your MusicCast audio is in. You can choose to play the same music everywhere, or different music in each room. There are some cool unique features too. For example, each MusicCast product can send and receive Bluetooth audio, so you can include non-MusicCast products in your network. In addition, the analog inputs allow everything plugged into one MusicCast product to be played on all the other connected products. So you can now enjoy your vinyl or CD collection or virtually any other source over the wireless network too!

Hi-res audio support

MusicCast supports a variety of audio formats including MP3, WAV and FLAC. All MusicCast products support 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution audio codec, letting you enjoy your music with extremely high quality sound. To learn more, check out the video and some of the new products below:  

MusicCast Products

There are 23 products with MusicCast so far, and Yamaha want to include it in every audio product in the future. View all the current MusicCast products here, or see a small sample below:

WX-030 Lifestyle Speaker - RRP $349

Yamaha WX-030 More info >>  

NX-N500 Active Speakers - RRP $999

Yamaha NX-N500 More info >>  

MCR-N670 - Hi Fi System - RRP $1,299

Yamaha MCR-N670 More info >>  

RX-A3050 Aventage A/V Receiver - RRP $2,899

Yamaha RX-A3050 Aventage receiver More info >> There are currently 12 receiver models with MusiCast, from the RX-V479 at $799 to the mighty Aventage RX-A3050 (above) at $2,899.

Come and check out MusicCast for yourself

Our MusicCast display lets you play with all the key products so come on in with your favourite tunes! Yamaha Musicast   To see the full MusicCast range and get more info, click here >>