[UPDATE - we no longer sell Tivoli Audio products. Please visit our brands page to explore our other audio brands]

Beauty, simplicity and astonishing sound

Ten years ago Tivoli Audio turned consumer electronics on its head. In an age where everything seems to get more plasticky and packed with ever more useless features, they created a product that was so simple, yet sounded so good. The Tivoli Model One. Today they make a range of products from simple radios to internet radios, iPod playback systems and compact hi fi systems. All offer superb design, quality construction and fabulous sound quality.

The Tivoli Audio NetWorks Global Radio

The Tivoli Audio NetWorks Global Radio is the most ambitious digital radio on the market and delivers impeccable style and top sound quality. This unit offers DAB+ digital radio, internet radio and FM in the one box. It also doubles as a home audio network to play music wirelessly in any room – or even different music in different rooms. It has a USB port for even more music, and an alarm clock too – what more could you want? Living Sound + Vision have the NetWorks Global Radio and many other Tivoli Audio models on display. Why not drop into our Brisbane showroom to hear how good they sound? For the latest Tivoli Audio products and news, visit the website.