[UPDATE - we no longer sell RTI Systems products. Please visit our Home Automation page to explore our other brands]

RTI Systems offer a wide range of automation products including keypads, in wall touch screens and an award winning range of remote controls. From eliminating remote control chaos on your coffee table to controlling your smart home automation system, RTI have a solution for everyone.

RTI Systems for residential control

RTI Systems make a range of hand-held remote controls including colour touch screen models that can replace every remote in your home, giving you simple intuitive control over all your gadgets. In-wall controls make home automation a breeze with touch screens for easy operation. RTI even make tough weather resistant controls that let you enjoy your music anywhere – perfect for outside by the BBQ or pool!

RTI commercial systems

RTI commercial products are designed for automation and control of boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, hotels, restaurants, bars, classrooms and more. With a wide range of handheld, touch screen and in-wall controls, and processors to take care of the complex stuff, RTI Systems make control effortless. Contact Living Sound + Vision to find out more about RTI Systems for your residential or commercial project, or drop in to our Brisbane showroom to see the options for yourself.