[UPDATE - we no longer sell Vienna Acoustics speakers. Please visit our hi-fi speakers page to explore our other audio brands]

Vienna is a city famed for its music, and it's a fitting name for the speaker company that hails from there - Vienna Acoustics. Established in 1989 by founder and chief designer, Peter Gansterer, the company has developed a reputation for loudspeakers that are sonically stunning but equally visually impressive. Using old-world furniture manufacturing techniques combined with modern materials and processes, Vienna Acoustics create speakers that exude hand-crafted elegance.

Acoustic & Technical Innovation

It's their acoustic and technical engineering prowess that really impresses us. With patented technology such as their innovative Spider Cones and Flat Coaxial technology (below) these speakers sound simply astonishing and deliver performances well beyond expectation. vienna acoustics spider cone

Vienna Acoustics Speakers

Below are some key models in the Vienna Acoustics range:

Haydn Grand

Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand Symphony Edition A compact 2-way monitor, Haydn Grand Symphony Edition features exceptional imaging, resolution and linearity, challenging the performance of the finest floor standers. More info >

Beethoven Baby Grand

Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition Dynamic, open and highly musical, this 3-way design features Vienna Acoustics' patented  dual 6” X3P Spider-Cone™ woofers, a single 6” X3P midrange driver and a 1” hand coated Neodymium Silk Dome tweeter. More info >

Beethoven Concert Grand

Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand Symphony Edition The new 3-way Concert Grand Symphony Edition delivers power and scale with lucidity and clarity of the all-important middle ranges where virtually all instruments find their tonic origins.
Beethoven Concert Grand Symphony Edition features Vienna Acoustics' sophisticated neodymium tweeter, a 6” midrange X3P driver and three 7” Spidercone bass drivers that feature a reworked motor assembly and revised placement of the XXP ribs, providing increased output, extension and control. The huge surface area that results from the use of three of these extraordinary drivers means effortless reproduction of extreme bass dynamics with articulation and force.

Hear Vienna Acoustics for yourself

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