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The Chord Epic series features new Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, which carries a musical signal with a high degree of coherence and detail. It features tri-conductor configuration, silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation. An internal PVC jacket reduces mechanical noise and correctly spaces high frequency effective dual layer combination shield.

Epic Digital features Tuned ARAY conductor geometry. Whilst it’s the critical element in producing such outstanding cables, the other materials used to produce this cable have also been improved. The silver-plated conductors have been upgraded and the separate shields for send and return conductors are of a higher density. Is this important in a digital cable? – Yes. Use the Epic Digital in comparison to the Shawline and you’ll notice the rhythm is better stated and the critical micro details that mean so much to music are clearer and easier to hear. This makes for a more coherent and musically engrossing sound. It’s a really good choice for use with the new generation of mid-price DACs. Whether you’re using it as a connection between a CD transport or a streamer, the extra precision and detail the cable brings is easy for any music lover to understand and enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom lengths are available on request

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